Some Tromner / Talboys Products Now Sold Under Ohaus Brand

Back in 2016, Mettler Toledo purchased Troemner. You can read about it in this Mettler-Toledo earnings press release. Troemner manufactures the Talboys line of laboratory equipment, including a number of items which we sell on our,, and … Continued

Why We No Longer Carry Buchi Rotary Evaporators

If you’ve been to a few times, you may have noticed that Buchi products used to be listed but no longer are. We wanted to explain this change and let you know exactly why it happened. Laboratory Supply Network’s … Continued

The Deception of “Private Labeling”

Imagine you’re buying a car. You find a nice car that you really like, and the dealer says that it’s a new car called a “Chicane” You’ve never heard of a Chicane, but you want to learn more about it, … Continued

We No Longer Charge Canadian Sales Tax

A few years back, we registered as a non-resident importer (NRI) in Canada. What that meant is that we designated ourselves as the importer of record and were liable for collecting and paying sales tax (GST & PST) whenever we … Continued

Now You Can Know Where Your Lab Equipment Is Made

At Laboratory Supply Network, we’re all about helping you – the scientist – make better, more confident purchasing decisions more easily. A significant amount of that aim requires enabling you to make more informed decisions. As a supplier of laboratory … Continued