Simplifying Laboratory Purchasing Decisions

Laboratory Supply Network operates targeted, e-commerce driven marketplaces for scientific professionals in North America.

Scientists are continuously provided with more choices, more options, and more information about laboratory products and technologies, making choosing the right equipment ever more difficult. Laboratory Supply Network aims to bring simplicity to laboratory purchasing, aggregating many choices but also creating customized tools and providing more relevant information for each laboratory need.

Our unique approach to distribution and extreme focus on specific sub-markets allows us to create a product discovery experience that enables scientists to find the products that are best suited for their particular needs and applications faster and more easily than ever before.

Targeted Product Marketplaces

Our goal is to enable better research by putting the tools in the hands of scientists that are most capable of meeting their laboratory needs. Laboratory Supply Network does this through our network of marketplaces, each of which focuses on a specific type of need or similar group of products. This allows us to offer the greatest amount of choice while simultaneously helping simplify the purchasing decision for scientists. This combination of choice and simplicity leads to better, more informed purchasing decisions.

A marketplace of products for the homogenization of biological samples. We help you figure out what is most important for you when considering the purchase of a laboratory homogenizer and help you select the homogenizer that best meets your needs.

Deciding on the right balance is far more difficult than conducting your measurements once you have it. You’ll likely run into a lot of different options that seem almost indistinguishable. is here to provide you with one of the largest selections of laboratory balances while enabling you to easily find and purchase the right one for your lab. While we’re at it, we provide a plethora of useful information about balances.

There are a lot of centrifuges out there. has a selection of laboratory centrifuges of all types – mini centrifuges, micro centrifuges, benchtop centrifuges, and more – along with regimented information and easy-to-use tools to help you identify the best centrifuge for your application and get to spinning! exists for a singular purpose – to help you find the best laboratory fridge or freezer for your needs quickly and easily without having to do hours upon hours of shopping around. We bring a huge range of products from many of the best manufacturers into a single marketplace designed with only laboratory refrigeration in mind to ensure that you can find the best fridge or freezer for your lab quickly and easily.

Incubators find many uses in the lab, and for each purpose there’s a huge plethora of incubators out there. Sure, you could just pick one that’s good enough and does the job, but that’s ridiculous. For something that often costs thousands of dollars, you don’t want to just get one that’s good enough – you want to know you’re getting the BEST incubator for your application and budget. is here to empower you with information and help make that decision faster, easier, and more certain. is built to ensure that you can find the best lab oven for your lab quickly and easily. Our wide selection of manufacturers helps you identify the best laboratory oven without having to search many different supplier websites. Our fair pricing policy ensures you’re always getting our best prices. provides a superior shopping experience that allows scientists to find the right shaker and purchase it – simply and quickly. is about one thing and one thing only – ensuring that you can find the best Rotary Evaporator for your lab quickly and easily, all in one place.

Shopping for stirrers used to be hard. Sure, it’s easy enough to find a decent overhead or magnetic stirrer, but for as ubiquitous as they are, it’s never easy to find a place that has a wide selection and also has the right tools to help you find not just any stirrer, but the best stirrer for your application and budget. We thought that was flat out ridiculous, and that’s why became a reality. Shopping for a Stirrer isn’t your job. We’re here to ensure it doesn’t become one.

The goal of is simple: Provide a wide variety of water baths and circulators while quickly and easily allowing you to find the best one for your does exactly that while also offering a great selection of specialty laboratory baths, like high-conductivity, contamination-resistant bead baths and high-temperature oil baths.