If you’ve been to Rotovaps.net a few times, you may have noticed that Buchi products used to be listed but no longer are. We wanted to explain this change and let you know exactly why it happened.

Laboratory Supply Network’s goal is to allow our customers to easily and rapidly make the purchasing decisions that best meet their needs. Part of fulfilling that goal necessitates offering a wide array of choices. Being the largest manufacturer of rotary evaporators, it seemed a natural choice that we would offer Buchi’s systems, which we did for a while.

A few months ago, Buchi notified us that they were terminating our relationship. When we inquired why, we were told that it was because we offered other brands of rotary evaporators as well and were given an ultimatum – either we could carry only Buchi systems or we could no longer sell Buchi. It seemed clear to us what the best decision was for our customers – to continue to offer a broad range of rotary evaporators that meets the needs of many different customers in many different situations.

We always try to do what is best for our customers, and enabling you to have a wide selection of products to choose from is part of that. We tried to show Buchi why this decision was not in the best interest of the customers, but they didn’t seem to care (we actually called the person in charge of this decision until she stopped taking our calls). Buchi still allows the very large distributors to offer Buchi and other manufacturers side-by-side, but they will no longer allow smaller companies to do so. That’s not a decision that’s made for the customers. That’s a decision that’s made strictly for profit. We disagree with it.

If it was up to us, we would still be selling Buchi products, but it’s not solely our decision to make. We’ll always try to offer you the best selection of rotary evaporators and other laboratory equipment that we can. We’re a customer-first company. It’s disappointing when we learn that not all companies are, but we’ll always fight to offer you the best selection, great prices, and the tools and information you need to get the best laboratory equipment for your unique needs and situation – no matter what brand manufactures it.